Pellicari Event Agency in Saint-tropez


Who are we?

With its combination of exclusivity and refinement, Pellicari Events Agency has forged a reputation for excellence over 13 years of unrivalled service. Every detail is finely thought out, every moment sculpted to achieve unparalleled harmony. We don't just produce events, we create prestigious experiences.

From the undisputed charm of Toulon, the glamour of Monaco and the chic aura of Saint-Tropez to the majesty of Cannes, we are the privileged partner of the elite. Our dedicated team of experts, with its true eye for detail, stages private parties, luxury weddings, high-end product launches and distinguished corporate events with unequalled elegance.

Our exclusive network of artists and professionals, from renowned magicians to exceptional dancers, the finest caterers and Michelin-starred chefs, are specifically chosen to impress, to add that touch of splendour that defines Pellicari excellence.


At the heart of the rich mosaic of events in the PACA region, Pellicari Events Agency is the symbol of luxury and distinction, embodying the pinnacle of elite events.

Pellicari Event Agency in Saint-tropez


Our strengths?

Year after year, we orchestrate more than 100 luxury editions. Each event is a celebration of elegance and refinement. With us, exclusivity is not an option, it's a guarantee. Whether for your gala dinners, conventions, launch parties or private receptions, our promise is flawless execution, with a touch of majesty.

Why choose us?

Our passion for excellence and exclusivity puts Pellicari Events Agency in a class of its own. Our expertise transforms every stage of organisation into a symphony of elegance, ensuring that every facet of your event shines with an incomparable brightness.

Wherever you want to create an event in the PACA region, be it in Toulon, Monaco, Saint-Tropez or Cannes, Pellicari Events Agency is your ally in bringing exceptional experiences to life.