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An Unparalleled Atmosphere...

Each place possesses a unique soul, an essence to be revealed. At Pellicari Events Agency, we enhance this essence to create an exceptional atmosphere for your event. From the dynamic Saint-Tropez with its golden beaches and festive ambiance, to the magnificence of Monaco with its sparkling yachts, and the authentic charm of Toulon and the glamour of Cannes, we invite you to a memorable experience. Envision evenings where every detail, from elaborate decoration to the Art of Table, evokes emotion, elegance, and dreams. Our events are designed to craft a truly unique atmosphere.

The magic of our events is reflected in the meticulousness of our preparations. Each play of light, musical note, and scent is carefully chosen to captivate your senses. Our years of experience in the PACA region have forged our expertise, enabling us to breathe life into your boldest ideas. Whether it's a grand soirée in a private villa in Saint-Tropez, a captivating event at the Îles des Embiez, or a memorable birthday celebration in Grimaud, we create moments imbued with emotion and authenticity.



Our Strengths?

  1. Customized Project Studies
    •   Wooden pool floors, Plexiglas pool floors, Lycra fabrics, Waterproof covers
  2. Creation of Unique Structures and Floors
    •   10m, 15m, 20m, 30m structures, Crystal structures, Heat-stretched Crystal
    •   Garden tents, pagodas, Wooden floors, Domes, Scaffolding, Platforms, Ballasting
  3. Exquisite Art of the Table
    •   Wide selection of high-quality themes and materials, Chairs, Tableware, Cutlery...
    •   Going beyond mere decoration, the Pellicari Events Agency ensures that your table perfectly reflects the ambiance of your event.

Located in Toulon, Pellicari Events Agency is a cornerstone in the events domain within the PACA region. We extend our expertise to the cities of Monaco, Cannes, Saint-Tropez, Nice, Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat, Juan Les Pins, Antibes, Grimaud, and Ramatuelle. We offer you true distinction for various events such as the Wedding Planner, memorable Birthdays, as well as exclusive Private Evenings.