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Welcome to the captivating and sophisticated world of Pellicari Events Agency, the architect of your dreams and aspirations for extraordinary events in Cannes. This city, known worldwide for its film festival and beautiful beaches, offers an idyllic setting for celebrations of all kinds. By choosing Cannes, you opt for a place where luxury, beauty, and prestige blend harmoniously. Pellicari Events Agency, with its expertise and deep knowledge of the region, positions itself as the ideal guide to turn your events into magical and unforgettable moments. This article takes you on a journey through Pellicari's varied services, highlighting how each event is infused with the elegance and unique charm of Cannes.

Weddings in Cannes

Planning and Personalization

A wedding is a symbolic day, a beginning of a shared life that deserves an exceptional celebration. Pellicari Events Agency understands this importance and commits to making each wedding unique and personal. The team, with its artistic flair and meticulous attention to detail, works in concert with couples to bring their visions to life. Whether you desire an intimate ceremony on a private beach or a grand wedding in a luxurious palace, Pellicari Events Agency is there to ensure that every aspect of your special day matches your dreams. From delicately chosen flowers to gourmet menus, every element is carefully selected to reflect your story and tastes.

Iconic Venues

Cannes, with its breathtaking panoramas and historic sites, offers a perfect backdrop for weddings. Imagine a wedding in a medieval castle overlooking the sea, or a ceremony in the heart of an Edenic garden, surrounded by lush greenery and exotic flowers. Pellicari Events Agency collaborates with the city's best venues to ensure an unparalleled experience. Our teams work in symbiosis with these venues to create a harmony between the natural elegance of Cannes and your wedding theme, ensuring a memorable day for you and your guests.

Cannes Events Privates

Private Events in Cannes

Types of Private Events

In Cannes, each private event is an opportunity to celebrate life with refinement and exclusivity. Pellicari Events Agency is your ideal partner to turn these moments into everlasting memories. Whether it's a lavish birthday party, an elegant family gathering, or a tailor-made celebration, the Agency excels in creating events that reflect your deepest desires. The team at Pellicari Events Agency takes the time to understand your expectations and tastes to personalize every detail, from the sumptuous floral decorations to the enchanting musical atmosphere, and high-cuisine culinary services.

The Importance of Atmosphere and Decor

The ambiance in Cannes is inherently linked to its glamorous environment and rich cultural heritage. Pellicari Events Agency masters the art of capturing this essence and incorporating it into your private events. Every decor is carefully studied and designed to reflect the enchanting atmosphere of Cannes. Whether through magical illuminations, elegant floral arrangements, or artistic installations, each element is thought to create an immersive and captivating environment. Pellicari Event Agency commits to creating experiences where each guest feels privileged and completely immersed in the magic of the moment.

Cannes Events Professional

Professional Events in Cannes

Conferences and Business Meetings

In the business world, the impact of a well-orchestrated event can be significant. Pellicari Events Agency brings its expertise in organizing conferences and business meetings in Cannes. Each space is carefully arranged to provide a setting that is both professional and inspiring. Whether you wish to host a seminar in a luxury hotel, a conference in a historical venue, or a business meeting in a more intimate setting, Pellicari Events Agency ensures a flawless experience. The Agency focuses on cutting-edge technology, high-end catering services, and optimal comfort, guaranteeing that each professional event is not only successful but also memorable.

Team-Building Activities

Team-building is essential for strengthening team spirit and improving cohesion within companies. Pellicari Events Agency offers innovative and engaging team-building activities in Cannes. Whether it's nautical activities along the famous Croisette, culinary workshops led by Michelin-starred chefs, or treasure hunts in the picturesque alleys of the old town, each activity is designed to promote collaboration and enjoyment. These experiences, in addition to strengthening bonds among colleagues, offer a chance to discover the many facets of Cannes in a unique and interactive way.

Cannes Shows

Organized Shows in Cannes

Variety and Originality of Shows

Cannes is synonymous with entertainment and culture, a city where art and performance find a perfect stage. Pellicari Events Agency captures this spirit by organizing varied and captivating shows. Whether it's for intimate concerts under the moonlight, theatrical performances in lush gardens, or contemporary dance shows in historical venues, each event is a celebration of creativity and innovation. Pellicari Events Agency works closely with local and international artists to offer performances that captivate and move audiences, ensuring that each show is a memorable and enriching experience for all participants.

Involvement of Local Talents

One of the most admirable aspects of Cannes is its commitment to the local artistic community. Pellicari Events Agency embraces this philosophy by incorporating local talents into its events. This collaboration not only highlights the region's artists but also adds an authentic and personal touch to each show. Whether they are musicians, dancers, actors, or visual artists, the involvement of these talents helps to create unique shows, reflecting the spirit and heart of Cannes.

Culture in Cannes

The Unique Experience of Cannes

Culture and Environment of Cannes

Cannes is much more than a destination; it's an experience in itself. With its exceptional combination of glamour, natural beauty, and rich cultural heritage, Cannes offers an unparalleled setting for any type of event. From its fine sandy beaches to its luxurious palaces, charming alleyways, and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean, the city provides a perfect backdrop for exceptional moments. Pellicari Events Agency leverages these assets to create events that are not just celebrations, but true tributes to the beauty and culture of Cannes.


  1. What types of weddings can Pellicari organize in Cannes?
    Pellicari Events Agency can organize a variety of weddings, from intimate ceremonies to large extravagant events, showcasing the beauty and romance of Cannes.

  2. How does Pellicari ensure the uniqueness of private events?
    By customizing each detail according to the client's preferences, leveraging its local expertise, and incorporating the natural elegance of Cannes.

  3. What services are offered for professional events?
    Pellicari Events Agency offers a comprehensive range of services for professional events, including organizing conferences, seminars, and team-building activities, all executed with unmatched professionalism and sophistication.

  4. How do shows in Cannes stand out?
    Shows in Cannes stand out for their originality, artistic quality, and the involvement of local talents, reflecting the city's rich cultural wealth.

  5. Why choose Cannes for your special event?
    Choosing Cannes for a special event means opting for a place where luxury, beauty, and culture combine to create unique and unforgettable experiences.