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Pellicari Events Agency :

Your Event Partner in the Heart of Toulon...

Pellicari Events Agency, located in the heart of Toulon, is renowned for its ability to turn visions into dazzling realities. This agency is not just an event organizer; it's a creator of unique experiences, infusing each occasion with magic that reflects both the client's character and the vibrant soul of Toulon. Relying on the cultural nuances and breathtaking panoramas of the city, Pellicari Events Agency creates moments that are not just events, but true stories to tell.

The Spirit of Toulon in Event Planning:
An Idyllic Setting...

Toulon, with its cobbled streets, colorful markets, and sparkling beaches, is more than a city; it's a living backdrop for the most memorable events. Pellicari Events Agency uses every corner of this picturesque city to add an extra dimension to each event, whether it's a romantic wedding, a vibrant private party, an innovative corporate event, or a fascinating cultural show. The city itself becomes an integral part of the celebration, its colors, sounds, and flavors enriching every moment.


Weddings in Toulon:

Romance and Mediterranean Elegance...

In the realm of weddings, Pellicari Events Agency excels at creating ceremonies that are not just beautiful, but tell a story. Each couple has a unique vision of their perfect day, and Pellicari Events Agency is committed to realizing this vision with flawless precision and creativity. Whether on the golden beaches of Toulon, in its estates or historical villas, each location is chosen for its ability to perfectly frame the love and joy of this special day. The decorations, music, cuisine – every detail is meticulously orchestrated to reflect the essence of the bride and groom.

Enchanted Venue Choices

The choice of venue is crucial in creating an unforgettable wedding, and Toulon is filled with locations that can turn a wedding into a true fairytale. From rolling vineyards with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea to ancient homes steeped in history, Pellicari Events Agency knows how to identify and decorate the perfect venue that resonates with the theme and dreams of the bride and groom. These places are not just spaces, but canvases on which the agency paints moments of eternal happiness.


Private Events

Creating Tailor-Made Private Events

Pellicari Events Agency is a master in the art of transforming private events into extraordinary experiences. Whether it's a birthday party, a family gathering, or an evening among friends, Pellicari Events Agency creates atmospheres that capture the essence of the occasion and the desires of the host. Using the cultural and natural riches of Toulon, each event is a celebration of life, infused with personalization and attention to detail. Guests are transported into a world where every aspect of the event – from the decoration to the food, and the entertainment – is an expression of their personality and taste.

Events that Tell a Story

In creating private events, Pellicari Events Agency goes beyond mere organization; it creates stories. Each event is designed to be an immersive experience that leaves a lasting impression on guests' memories. Pellicari Events Agency works closely with clients to ensure that every element, from the theme to the music, and the entertainment, contributes to a cohesive and captivating narrative. Using Toulon as a backdrop, with its picturesque landscapes and warm atmosphere, each event becomes an unforgettable chapter in the book of the clients' lives.


Professional Events

Innovation and Professionalism in Corporate Events

Pellicari Events Agency recognizes the importance of professional events for a company's success and image. Whether for a product launch, a conference, or a corporate celebration, the agency combines innovation and professionalism to create events that not only achieve their objectives but exceed them. By integrating the client's corporate culture with the elegance and charm of Toulon, each professional event becomes an opportunity to strengthen the brand and create lasting bonds between colleagues and business partners.

Captivating Professional Events

Pellicari Events Agency ensures that each professional event is a captivating experience for all participants. By focusing on interactivity and engagement, Pellicari Events Agency ensures that every participant feels not only involved but also inspired. The use of cutting-edge technology, coupled with meticulous planning and attention to detail, ensures that every corporate event in Toulon stands out for its originality and impact.



A Stage for Cultural Diversity

Toulon, with its rich history and vibrant mix of cultures, offers the perfect backdrop for a variety of shows. Pellicari Events Agency is committed to showcasing this diversity through events that celebrate music, dance, theatre, and more. The shows organized by the agency are not just entertainment; they are windows to the world, offering participants a journey through different cultures and artistic expressions.

Captivating Professional Events

Each show organized by Pellicari Events Agency is designed to be both enchanting and educational. Focusing on quality and originality, Pellicari Events Agency ensures that each performance is not just entertaining, but also a celebration of art and culture. The shows become experiences that enrich and inspire, leaving the audience not just entertained, but also more connected to the rich cultural tapestry of Toulon.


In conclusion, Pellicari Events Agency is more than just an event agency; it is an architect of dreams and a creator of unforgettable memories. Utilizing the city of Toulon as a palette of endless possibilities, the Agency creates events that are both celebrations of moments and expressions of the beauty and diversity of life. Whether through magical weddings, personalized private events, innovative corporate events, or captivating cultural shows, Pellicari Events Agency ensures experiences that are not only successful but also profoundly memorable.



  1. What are the most popular wedding venues in Toulon offered by Pellicari?
    Pellicari Events Agency offers a variety of venues in Toulon for weddings, ranging from intimate beaches to elegant estates and villas, each providing a unique and memorable atmosphere.
  2. How does the agency personalize private events?
    Pellicari Events Agency personalizes private events according to clients' desires, choosing themes, decorations, and entertainment that reflect their tastes and passions, leveraging the unique ambiance of Toulon.

  3. What services are offered for corporate events?
    Pellicari Events Agency offers comprehensive services for corporate events, including planning, coordination, quality catering, and advanced technology, all while integrating the elegance of Toulon.

  4. How do the shows organized by the agency contribute to Toulon's attractiveness?
    The varied shows organized by the agency enrich Toulon's cultural scene, attracting both residents and visitors, and showcasing the city's cultural richness.

  5. How to contact Pellicari Events Agency to organize an event?
    Contact Pellicari Events Agency via our contact form or by phone at 06 98 40 42 85. The agency's team is always ready to discuss clients' specific needs, offer personalized advice, and begin the exciting process of creating an unforgettable event in Toulon.

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