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Pellicari Events Agency in Monaco,
Synonymous with Luxury and Exclusivity...

In the glittering world of event planning, Pellicari Events Agency in Monaco stands out for its ability to create events that embody the epitome of luxury and exclusivity. Known for its tailor-made approach and sensitivity to refined details, Pellicari is a master at turning visions into dazzling realities. Monaco, with its glamorous charm and luxurious ambiance, provides the perfect setting for Pellicari Events Agency to deploy its expertise, thus creating unforgettable experiences that go beyond the expectations of the most demanding clients.

The Splendor and Prestige of Monaco,
An Ideal Setting for Unforgettable Events...

Monaco is not just a place, it's an experience in itself. With its luxurious yachts, world-renowned casinos, and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean, the Principality is the stage for some of the most prestigious events in the world. Pellicari Events Agency uses this lavish backdrop to create celebrations that are not just events, but true works of art. Whether for a sparkling charity gala, a princely wedding, or a high-level business conference, each event is infused with the splendor and grandeur that make Monaco famous.


Weddings in Monaco

Fairy Tale Weddings in Monaco

A wedding organized by Pellicari Events Agency in Monaco is a celebration of luxury and love. Each couple is unique, and Pellicari Events Agency is committed to creating a wedding that reflects their personality and dreams. By working closely with the couple, the Agency designs ceremonies and receptions that go beyond the ordinary. Weddings can take place in iconic locations in Monaco, such as sumptuous palaces or exotic gardens, offering breathtaking views of the sparkling sea and glamorous urban landscapes.

Selection of Enchanted Venues

The selection of venues for weddings in Monaco is a task that Pellicari Events Agency performs with utmost care. Each location is chosen for its elegance, history, and its ability to create a magical atmosphere. Whether it's an intimate ceremony on a private yacht or a grand reception in a luxury hotel, each wedding is designed to be a memorable experience that celebrates love in Monégasque splendor.

Private Events Monaco

Private Events

A Fusion of Luxury and Personalization

When it comes to organizing private events in Monaco, Pellicari Events Agency excels in creating occasions that combine Monaco's inherent luxury with personal touches that speak directly to the hearts of the hosts. Whether for a birthday, a family celebration, or a private soirée, Pellicari Events Agency is dedicated to creating moments that reflect not only the refined lifestyle of Monaco but also the stories and passions of its clients.

Grandiose and Intimate Celebrations

In creating private events, Pellicari Events Agency combines creativity and attention to detail to transform spaces and moments into extraordinary experiences. Celebrations are designed to captivate guests from their arrival, with sumptuous decors, exquisite gastronomy, and entertainment that reflect the splendor of Monaco. Each event is an opportunity to celebrate life moments in a setting of unmatched luxury.

Professional Events Monaco

Professional Events

Business Events that Define Prestige in Monaco

Pellicari Events Agency brings its expertise to Monaco in organizing professional events that define prestige and success. For conferences, product launches, or networking evenings, Pellicari Events Agency creates environments that stimulate engagement and foster business relationships, all while enveloping each occasion in the iconic luxury of Monaco.

Comprehensive Service for Unparalleled Business Experiences

With attention to detail and a deep understanding of corporate needs, Pellicari Events Agency provides comprehensive services from strategic planning to flawless execution. Every aspect of the event is carefully crafted to reflect the company's goals, while incorporating the elegance and splendor of Monaco, ensuring that each professional event becomes a benchmark in terms of success and refinement.



A Blend of Culture and Splendor

Monaco is a global stage for shows of all kinds, and Pellicari Events Agency seizes this opportunity to present cultural events that are as diverse as they are enriching. From classical music to modern theatrical performances, the shows organized by the agency are celebrations of artistic excellence and cultural diversity, reflecting the sophisticated and cosmopolitan spirit of Monaco.

Cultural Radiance and International Attractions

These shows not only enrich the local cultural scene; they also attract an international audience, thus reinforcing Monaco's status as a cultural and touristic hub. Each event is a window to the world, inviting audiences to discover the richness and depth of Monégasque and international culture.


In conclusion, with its meticulous approach and keen sense of luxury, Pellicari Events Agency creates events in Monaco that are much more than mere gatherings; they are celebrations of the Monegasque lifestyle, marked by elegance, prestige, and exclusivity. Whether it's for a fairy-tale wedding, a high-end private event, a prestigious professional summit, or a dazzling cultural show, Pellicari Events Agency guarantees unforgettable moments that capture the very essence of Monaco's luxury and refinement.


  1. What exceptional venues does Pellicari Events Agency offer for weddings in Monaco?
    Pellicari Events Agency selects iconic locations in Monaco, such as private palaces and luxury yachts, providing a wedding setting that combines opulence and exclusivity.
  2. How does the agency personalize private events?
    By integrating Monegasque luxury with personal details, the agency creates bespoke private events that reflect the client's personality and passions, while offering an experience of luxury and refinement.

  3. What services are offered for professional events?
    Pellicari Events Agency provides comprehensive services for professional events, ranging from strategic planning to perfect execution, ensuring that every detail reflects the elegance and prestige of Monaco.

  4. How do the agency's shows enrich Monaco's cultural scene?
    The varied shows by Pellicari Events Agency showcase Monaco's cultural richness, attracting an international audience and thus contributing to the Principality's cultural profile.

  5. How to contact Pellicari Events Agency to organize an event?
    Contact Pellicari Events Agency via our contact form or by phone at 06 98 40 42 85. The agency's team is always ready to discuss clients' specific needs, offer personalized advice, and begin the exciting process of creating an unforgettable event in Monaco.

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